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Minorities Addressing Health Issues With Cannabis

With marijuana legalization reaching new heights throughout the United States it is important to note that a large number of the population still see the drug as something that is meant for only recreational use.  The truth is that Cannabis can have an overwhelming number of benefits especially when it comes to the health and welfare of Americans and minorities.  New programs such as The D.O.P.E House Inc. are bringing awareness to low income and minority communities so that disadvantaged people and those of all cultures will look into cannabinoids as a potential healing mechanism.

While the legal approval of marijuana is still pending across many municipalities, the drug has shown great promise with treating the symptoms of pain, cancer, diseases and mental illness.  Medication derived from marijuana and smoking the plant itself can help people overcome some of the most crippling conditions we have in our society.

medical marijuana prisonThe big issue with marijuana in many low income communities is that law enforcement has been cracking down on this medicine with over decades of enforcement.  As a result the members of these disadvantaged communities often feel distrustful of marijuana and against trying any of the cures associated with it because of the consequences that they may face.  With a greater initiative placed on education for the general public we may start to see attitudes changing and more minorities and disadvantaged individuals interested in voting in new marijuana legislation.

Through organizations like D.O.P.E, it is possible that communities may start to see the opportunities that can come from the use of medical marijuana and its decriminalization.  When we start to realize the jobs it can bring to the nation, the untold cures it can bring for the conditions that plague us and the good that it can bring to our loved ones, the negative feelings towards marijuana may start to disappear.

Overall the focus should be on education for these matters.  While attitudes in many communities across the United States may focus on marijuana bringing conflict to neighborhoods and families, through the proper information, these members of society can start to see the change and the good that legalization could bring about for us all.

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Cerrone Crowder

Cerrone Crowder is the CEO of The D.O.P.E (Delivering Opportunities for People Everywhere) House Inc., a nonprofit based in the Chicago-land area whose mission is aimed at providing equal Medical Marijuana access to low-income patients. As an emergency medical professional for over a decade, “The Weed Professor” has dedicated himself to educating the masses on the numerous health benefits of the cannabis plant.  He can be reached at:

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