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A Grandson’s Love

Over 2 years ago when facing the realization that my wonderful 86 year old grandmother was wasting away from a monster known as Alzheimers disease, it led me on a quest to find out as much information on this disease as I could.  What is this thing anyway I thought, a disease so powerful that it does not target the physical person but the persons actual mind?  A true life memory eraser like in those Men In Black movies.  Sounds like something out a sci-fi movie, right?

I thought the same thing until I came across things like amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles, and that there was currently no cure for this disease.  I also read at the time that there were only a few medications able to make the symptoms manageable, but these medications came with extreme side effects.  Just as I was about to give up hope, I came across an article on how a nursing home in Israel was treating there elderly patients with medical marijuana and the results were simply astounding.

After seeing the video footage of this amazing feat for myself, I began diving head first into the medicinal properties of this plant. I came across a little known thing called the endocannabinoid system, which is basically an internal system within our bodies that acts as a receptor to the chemicals in the cannabis plant.  These chemicals are known as cannabinoids.

One of the most popular cannabinoids is THC, which is known for its psychoactive properties.  While reading about this plant I discovered that through numerous studies conducted, all concluded that low amounts of THC is the only thing proven to reduce or halt the formation the amyloid plaques buildup in the brain.

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Around the time of my excitement of this newly found information, the State of Illinois launched there medical marijuana program.  After a few intense medical marijuana education sessions with my family on the benefits for my grandmother, they agreed to ask her primary care doctor of many years for a recommendation to join Illinois Compassionate Care Program.

Chicago’s medical marijuana problem for the aging minority population

The doctor looked at my 65 year old uncle and 88 year old grandfather who took her to her appointment and laughed.  While continuing to laugh, he told them that “they were just trying to get marijuana for themselves to get high”.  So after months of even trying to get an appointment to see her doctor, and all the research and education I gave my family, it was turned away for an all to common stereotypical view.

In hearing this I began to look up organizations on where to find information on alternate ways for my grandmother to obtain a medical marijuana card.  I found there was no medical marijuana education going on in minority communities.  I found this to be a problem especially when some of the top ailments on the qualifying list are prevalent in these communities.

This was the true foundation of The D.O.P.E House, a grandson just wanting his grandmother to have the opportunity of the same enhanced quality of life others are being granted.

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Cerrone Crowder

Cerrone Crowder is the CEO of The D.O.P.E (Delivering Opportunities for People Everywhere) House Inc., a nonprofit based in the Chicago-land area whose mission is aimed at providing equal Medical Marijuana access to low-income patients. As an emergency medical professional for over a decade, “The Weed Professor” has dedicated himself to educating the masses on the numerous health benefits of the cannabis plant.  He can be reached at:

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